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DIR Parent Directory 22-Sep-2014 15:11 201K Cleverscope CS022 Link Cable.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:11 464K Cleverscope CS328A Four Channel application.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:11 16K Cleverscope CS700 Fitting instruction.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:12 3116K Cleverscope CS71X module replacement.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:11 270K Cleverscope DLL example application.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:12 1052K Cleverscope Ethernet setup.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:13 576K Cleverscope install USB driver (vista also).pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:13 280K Cleverscope install USB driver (XP).pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:13 206K Cleverscope Installation.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:13 368K Cleverscope integration and filtering.pdf 17-Oct-2017 16:23 6349K Cleverscope manual v2-12.pdf 10-Jan-2020 14:56 6417K Cleverscope manual v2-13.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:15 4327K Cleverscope manual v2-6.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:13 83K Cleverscope Quick Ref.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:13 103K Cleverscope setting up soundcard offsets.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:14 303K Cleverscope Simple Scope application.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:14 917K Cleverscope Triggering.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:15 488K Cleverscope Update Instructions.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:15 212K Cleverscope Upgrading Hardware Unit and application.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:15 255K Cscope Driver DLL description.pdf 22-Sep-2014 15:15 176K Cscope Driver vi description.pdf